Reversing Alzheimer’s

Is 'The Protocol right for me?

Before you jump in, you must determine if 'The Protocol' is right for you. To help you out, here are some questions you must answer:

Next Steps

Ok, if none of the above has disqualified you, then you are ready for the next steps.

First, you need to do an honest assessment of yourself. Complete the 'Self Assessment' by clicking here.

Now, can I start 'The Protocol'? Nope. One more step first.

You need to see a medical professional for a checkup. Specifically ask if you can start an exercise program and a diet. If you are exhibiting mentation problems, have the professional rule out treatable causes. You don't want to start in with 'The Protocol' if there is a known cure. Then and only then, if they can't help, you should consider 'The Protocol'.